The TRON Super Election | We Tell You How to Vote!

TRON Super Election

The TRON Super Election is happening on June 26th. If you’re wondering how to vote for a TRON representative, look no further. Here are the steps you need to know how to vote in the TRON Super Election.

What is the TRON Super Election?

The TRON (TRX) Super Election is an opportunity for the TRON community to vote for 27 individuals who will act as the representatives of the TRON community. These representatives will provide calculations and validation for the TRON network.

In Justin Sun’s letter to the community, he explained that the elected individuals will represent “the will of the people and will play a crucial role in TRON’s future governance structure.”

The elected individuals, labeled the “Super Representatives”, will also be awarded 32 TRX with each new block generated. A total of 1,009,152,000 TRX will be awarded annually to the 27 Super Representatives.

TRON’s transition to its mainnet is expected to be complete on June 21st, in preparation for the Super Election.

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How to Vote in the TRON (TRX) Super Election

Justin Sun stated, “It is my sincere wish that each TRX holder will cherish and exercise their rights by voting.” So, on that note, how do you vote?

Step 1

Register at by clicking on the “Register/Log-in” button in the top right corner. Or, if you already have an account, log in by clicking on the same button.

Step 2

If registering, the system will generate an account address, password, and private key for you. Make sure you make a note of your password, because it is the only way you will be able to access your account in the future and it can’t be recovered if lost.

Once you’ve written down your information, tick the three agreement boxes and select “Create Accoun”. A confirmation message will pop up. Read through and select “OK”.

Step 3

Now you should be logged into your account. You will see your wallet address and TRX balance.

This wallet address is for the TRX testnet only. Don’t send any regular TRX to this address (you will lose it). The testnet is to test the TRON blockchain explorer and wallet. As a participant in the testnet, TRON will send TRX to this wallet address for testing purposes.

Once logged into your testnet account, select the “Request TRX for testing” button located at the bottom of the page. This is how you will receive your testnet TRX.

You’ll receive 1 million TRX to this account that you can use for testing on the testnet. Only one request per account is allowed. A green bar will indicate that the testing TRX has been added to your account; it will also be reflected in the balance section.

Step 4

Select the “Account” drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the page. Click on “Votes”.

Step 5

You will be taken to the voting page. The voting page will list the addresses of accounts you can vote for. In one column, you will see how many votes that candidate has received already. The next column shows how many votes you’re putting forward to the candidates. Put in the number of votes you’d like to cast.

You use your testing TRX to vote. Every test TRX you have counts as one vote. Voting will not consume any of your actual TRX. You can vote for however many candidates you want and allocate however many votes you want to candidates.

Once you’ve indicated how many votes you’d like to cast, click “Submit Votes”.

A “Thanks for submitting your vote!” message will appear if your submission was successful.

The votes are tallied once every 6 hours and the column showing how many votes candidates have received will be updated. These updates will occur at 0:00 AM UTC, 6:00 AM UTC, 12:00 PM UTC, and 6:00 PM UTC.

Happy voting everyone! May the odds ever be in your favour for the TRON (TRX) Super Election.

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The TRON Super Election | We Tell You How to Vote!

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