ICON Partners with LINE | More Customers to Join ICX Blockchain?

ICON partners with LINE in a move that could bring as many as 200 million users to the ICX blockchain. Will ICON (ICX) begin to grow as a result?

ICON Partners with LINE

The 19th largest cryptocurrency is working with Japan’s biggest social media messaging app to develop dApps on the ICX blockchain, reports CCN.

The LINE messaging app has over 200 million monthly active users, and both companies are hoping that LINE’s customer base will start interacting with the blockchain and the dApps once they’ve been developed. The other hope is that the move will help blockchain in general to become more utilized.

“We believe that, over time, more conglomerates and enterprises around the world will begin to see genuine use cases and efficiencies blockchain technology can bring to their business. At ICON, we’ve been working diligently to work with them to realize this through education, research, and collaboration,” ICON told CCN.

“At current low adoption level, this access and impact would benefit ICON and the blockchain industry in a powerful way. We believe partnerships with players like LINE with such reach and scale are absolutely necessary for a wider and faster blockchain adoption. This is something we’ve all been waiting to see and we are glad to be the one make this happen,” ICON continued.

ICON’s point about the low adoption level of blockchain mirrors Charlie Lee’s comments at Consensus 2018 on Tuesday about blockchain’s inefficiencies.

Do you think the ICON partnership with LINE will help blockchain adaption in the long-run?

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ICON (ICX) is currently selling for $3.78, which puts the coin down 7.90% in the past 24 hours.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The partnership with LINE isn’t helping ICON at the moment, but perhaps once the dApp development begins, and utilization truly occurs, ICON may begin to rise in the crypto rankings.

What do you think?

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ICON Partners with LINE | More Customers to Join ICX Blockchain?

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